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What we do
Distilled into four domains, we provide the most effective and innovative BigData solutions possible to medium and small companies
Data Engineering
Data Engineering
Our data engineers are the designers and builders of big data infrastructure. We develop the architecture responsible for analyzing and processing data in a way organizations can understand. Once we create the interpretive method, we ensure that the system performs the way that it should so that the organization can continue to effectively utilize the data that the system presents to them.
Web & Mobile Applications
Web & Mobile Applications
We live in a day and age where web & mobile applications are a part of everyday life. BADR has mastered Ruby-on-Rails, Python, dot Net and Node.js, which has enabled the development of a wide range of applications that are related to multiple business domains. These applications are related to the domains of e-commerce, task management systems, social networks, and retail management dashboards. With experience in web, iOS, Android, and cross-platform development, BADR can help companies reach out to their customers in a completely new and professional way.
Data Visualization
Through ever-evolving software and Big Data solutions, customers can have Big Data made available to them in a decipherable and usable form. This is achieved through analytics and proper organization. Data visualization is very important because it is about looking at data in a way the human brain is able to process. Instead of pouring over reports and spreadsheets, data are presented in a visual manner. It is an easy way to grasp what is going right and what is going wrong so that your business can start to or continue to move in the right direction.
Social Media Analytics
Social Media Analytics
Analyzing and organizing Big Data is key to creating solutions that increase productivity, which increase profits. Social media is no exception. Many companies now understand the importance of social media, using it as an extension of their websites for real-time interaction with existing and potential customers. Our services can determine what customers want and what they are saying about your business and can identify other facets of your social media marketing strategy that are going right and wrong.


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I would highly recommended BADR. I've been working with them for almost 1 year for an iPhone application development project. During this time, BADR was very capable, responsive and produced excellent results. Their deep understanding of iPhone app and professional attitude towards the project made the whole effort enjoyable.

Jeff Zhuang, Owner of iPatrol

I’d like to recommend BADR as an amazing software outsourcing company. BADR has a staff with tremendous expertise in all aspects of software development. Their work's quality is excellent. Seeloz is currently working with them for some time and our experience with them has been very promising. I definitely recommend them for any of your projects.

Mohamed Aly, PhD, Founder and CEO, Seeloz Inc

BADR has been able to handle any task I have given them so far, but what sets them apart from the other companies I have worked with is their responsiveness and ability to communicate well. They respond to me in a very timely manner and pay attention to details and produce high quality work.

Kurt Heinrich, Founder of eCommHub

With the whole globe connected to the web, there is a cornucopia of talented application developers to be found. But even with such a massive talent pool, there are still two critical traits that differentiates top tier service providers from the masses: Trust and Reliability. Trust and reliability is what keeps me working with BADR year after year because of their proper planning.

Christopher Ball, CTO at metaHeuristica
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Since 2006 and with help of 40+ software engineers, BADR delivers big data solutions, web & mobile applications, and social media analytics services to clients around the world. Checkout our most recent project TweetElect.com or send us email now

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