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What we do
Distilled into four domains, we provide the most effective and innovative BigData solutions possible to medium and small companies
Hyper-Local Targeting Platform
Hyper-Local Targeting Platform
Providing perfect solution for retailers who are interested in providing custom promotions for their target customers in partnership with Seeloz.
Inventory and Order Fulfillment Automation
Inventory and Order Fulfillment Automation
Among our services is the use of enterprise technologies to completely automate your inventory management and order fulfillment processes. We can take these time vacuums of business time and bring them into the future
Data Visualization
With our BigData visualizations, we use our knowledge and technology to ensure that the customers get the absolute most out of the data that is available to them. With our advanced software and ever-evolving BigData solutions we make it our goal to give you BigData at your fingertips. Not only that, but we also strive to help you analyze that data to get every relevant bit of information out of that raw data.
Social Network Analysis
Social Network Analysis
Social network analysis is a key example of how understanding the data can improve your business. Social media is a ruling factor in business today, and it is crucially important to understanding the customer. Through our social network analysis services, we can determine what the customers are saying about you and the things that affect you.


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Our Happy Customers

I would highly recommended BADR. I've been working with them for almost 1 year for an iPhone application development project. During this time, BADR was very capable, responsive and produced excellent results. Their deep understanding of iPhone app and professional attitude towards the project made the whole effort enjoyable.

Jeff Zhuang, Owner of iPatrol

I’d like to recommend BADR as an amazing software outsourcing company. BADR has a staff with tremendous expertise in all aspects of software development. Their work's quality is excellent. Seeloz is currently working with them for some time and our experience with them has been very promising. I definitely recommend them for any of your projects.

Mohamed Aly, PhD, Founder and CEO, Seeloz Inc

BADR has been able to handle any task I have given them so far, but what sets them apart from the other companies I have worked with is their responsiveness and ability to communicate well. They respond to me in a very timely manner and pay attention to details and produce high quality work.

Kurt Heinrich, Founder of eCommHub

With the whole globe connected to the web, there is a cornucopia of talented application developers to be found. But even with such a massive talent pool, there are still two critical traits that differentiates top tier service providers from the masses: Trust and Reliability. Trust and reliability is what keeps me working with BADR year after year because of their proper planning.

Christopher Ball, CTO at metaHeuristica
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