Writing Technically

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Writing technically from Muhammad Hassan Nasr

A Great Presentation

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A Great Presentation from Muhammad Hassan Nasr

Verbal Expressions

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I have always hated Regular Expressions and avoided to use it in favor of writing longer code that is just 10x readable (and not much slower).


Now after I have seen Verbal Expressions will surely start using it Insha' Allah, specially that it is ported to many languages (including Objective-c)


Kudos to Mahmoud Khaled for finding this.


Its Apple again, moves slowly but surely. 

Apple, a company admired by many people around the world. I will not talk much about its success but I talk about something I noticed in the way it pushes new technology and features.

I noticed that Apple slowly pushes new features and it continues to enhance them step by step to surely result in a better implementation over other ordinary solutions, which ultimately let Apple overbeat its competitors.

Millions of people are waiting for the new iPhone 6 (or 5S) and many speculations have been out there. Some are waiting for a bigger iPhone some are waiting for something else.

Personally I have a strong feeling that Apple will release 2 iPhones, the first will most properly be like the current iPhone 5 but with more colors to choose from (not just white and black) and this will fit seamlessly with the new colorful iOS 7.