Ignore SIGPIPE signal on iOS

November 30th 2010, 9:36 amCategory: None 5 comments

While developing Humail we had a sever problem that caused the app to crash. We were using an open source mail library called libEtPan which was throwing SIGPIPE signal when the connection with the remote mail server is interrupted, ended or timed-out. We sent a email to Apple and we did not get response. After a lot of investigations and trying out available solutions at no good we found that the solution mentioned here work. After around 10 days we found the solution we got apple response and here you are:


I'm pleased to see The Next Web write about BadrIT. Next Web has been launched in January 2008. It concentrates on bringing you technology news from across the world continents. Currently it serves 2 millions of unique visitors and over 4.5 millions user a month.


Big thanks to everyone helped in achieving this success and it is not the last one InSha'Allah.