If you are already using Heroku on your Mac or Linux with some email like me@x.com and you want change the currently active username on your Mac to other like me@y.com, you should do the following:

I've been received this error #2032, When I was trying to access internet from any Air application, after hours of hair pulling, and trying every possible solution (restart, reinstall Air) I found the reason....


It was that Internet Explorer is working in offline mode, and because I don't use IE, I've not noticed it's in offline mode, so guess what, putting IE in offline mode, stops AIR from using network.


So, putting IE back to online mode (from file menu, un-select the "Work offline" option).


Ah, I forgot to say how much I hate IE, and now I hate Adobe also, for tying Air to IE.


Terminal start up Commands Mac OS

January 25th 2011, 6:57 amCategory: Mac OS 1 comments

If you need your terminal to always open on a certain directory or to execute any command every time it starts.

  1. Open your terminal.

  2. cd <directory> to /Users/<your user name>

  3. sudo vi .profile

  4. Write commands to be executed every time you open your terminal.


I wrote: echo 'بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم'


I hope it helps.


Installing RedCloth gem on Windows 7 64-bit

January 20th 2011, 2:51 amCategory: Rails 1 comments

While trying to install the RedCloth Gem on my windows machine, I got the following error message:


"Installing RedCloth (4.2.2) D:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/defaults/operating_system.rb:9: The 'RedCloth' native gem requires installed build tools."


After some trials and Goggling, I've found the following solution and it worked:

Gem install RedCloth --platform=mswin32

UPDATE: 7th Feb, 2012


To use bundler, write the following in the Gemfile:

gem 'RedCloth', :platforms => :mswin


PostgreSQL 9 bytea type problems

January 19th 2011, 4:03 amCategory: Rails 5 comments

While supporting a long-term ROR web application, I got into a weird problem while setting up the environment to start up the app on my platform (Ruby 1.8.7, Rails 2.1.1, PostgreSQL 9 and Ubuntu 10.10). Symptoms of the problem show up when trying the following scenario:

In a development environment, start up the server, open a browser and enter the usual ' localhost:3000 ' URL to start the app showing home page; till now, no problems, but, when making any action (clicking a link or even trying to refresh the home page) causes the browser to generate a '500 Internal Server Error'. A problem in the session you might think, so did we.