Communication Styles

February 21st 2011, 5:36 amCategory: None 1 comments

To be successful in your life, you must be able to communicate well with all people around you.  So learning about the communication styles helps the listener to understand the speaker’s point of view and helps the speaker how his communication affects the listener. 

There are four styles of communication, no one of them is better than another. The population is divided among these styles and the people of each one play their role in our life. I think everybody also can communicate with any one of these styles according to the situation but absolutely everybody has his major communication style.


Preloader Technical Problems

February 16th 2011, 3:17 amCategory: Flex 0 comments

Preloader is a custom class which allows developer to implement the loading page style of the application instead of flex default progress page.

Developer should take care of some problems when implementing Preloader

First Problem:

If developer uses any class of the project inside the preloader, this will cause the whole project to be loaded then the preloader will be shown next, if this happened the main use of the Preloader will be lost since the progress value will be 100%  because the whole application is already loaded.


Developer shouldn't use any class or even any static variable inside it when implementing Preloader.

The White Revolution

February 15th 2011, 7:20 amCategory: None 0 comments


Egypt has long been known as a centre of stability in a volatile region, but that masked malignant problems which erupted in popular demonstrations against the 30-year rule of Muhammad Hosni Mubarak on 25 and 28 January.