Ataxx Bio-Warfare is a turn-based game of strategy, where you control the movement of Fungi petri dishes. Get one of your dishes within one space of your opponent's dishes and your fungi will take them over. Be the first to gain control of all the dishes on the lab table.

Everyone wants to have an effecient logging method that releave him from the stepping debugging.

The following is a macro for debugging showing only in debug mode.

It shows:

  1. Current File.

  2. Current Function.

  3. Current Line.

  4. Custom Argments.

I had a tough couple of hours fighting with Rails helpers ; my desire was to include a helper inside another one to have a method of that other helper aliased, so I wrote the following:

module MyHelper
   include TheirHelper
   def their_method_with_my_mehtod
     puts their_method_without_my_method
   alias_method_chain :my_method, :their_method

I was following the steps mentioned here: 

To install RMagick gem, but I got the error


And the solution to this error was to install the dev package of Ruby, (ruby1.8-dev OR ruby1.9-dev)

After that, the installation worked fine.

A problem occurred to me, when I tried to migrate to use Flex 4.5 (Hero), that text in pop-ups, and text in combo lists isn't viewed and that, it's mirrored, after some goggling arround I've found that, it's a known issue with compatibility mode, and found this bug report with a word around.