I would like to explore the software company's personality types. It will be helpful for clients who seek a software vendor to outsource a portion of their work. Also this post will assist IT job seekers to understand the personality of the company with which they are going to engage.

Let we categorize the software companies personalities based on their primary focus which is can be one of the following: process, people (clients), technology, or ideals.

JQTouch (JQT) vs Jquery Mobile

May 14th 2013, 6:29 amCategory: Mobile 0 comments

Today, mobile is a very common object and that's why Mobile frameworks are in very much demand. Now we can develop a mobile application once using phonegap or any other framework to support all plateforms instead of developing a native mobile application for each platform. Thats why a mobile web based frameworks are very important to us. In this post I will show you brief walk through of 2 most popular jQuery based mobile framework "jQTouch" and "jQuery Mobile". And I will also explain the differences between "jQTouch" and "jQuery Mobile".