Recently, I have been working on a project that materializes the Digital Signage concept. In fact, it was built from scratch based on the customer request. Later on, I have done a quick research to see if there are open-source or free solutions available in the market.

Its Apple again, moves slowly but surely. 

Apple, a company admired by many people around the world. I will not talk much about its success but I talk about something I noticed in the way it pushes new technology and features.

I noticed that Apple slowly pushes new features and it continues to enhance them step by step to surely result in a better implementation over other ordinary solutions, which ultimately let Apple overbeat its competitors.

Millions of people are waiting for the new iPhone 6 (or 5S) and many speculations have been out there. Some are waiting for a bigger iPhone some are waiting for something else.

Personally I have a strong feeling that Apple will release 2 iPhones, the first will most properly be like the current iPhone 5 but with more colors to choose from (not just white and black) and this will fit seamlessly with the new colorful iOS 7.

Rails Translation Center Gem

June 16th 2013, 2:00 amCategory: Rails 0 comments

A common task in most of Rails applications is to use internationalization. You have to work with yaml and text files to manage your web application translations. Sometimes, you need your system users to help you translating it to several languages. So, you need a user friendly and easy tool to translate your web application.