In one of the Mac OS X projects we were working one, We needed to get memory usage attributes that appears in Mavericks Activity Monitor. is a built-in app on Mac OS X. Unfortunately it does not have Arabic support.

The good news is that Arabic support can be added easily, just follow these steps:

Mac OS X starting from Lion has a great feature called "System Resume on Start" which saves each application state before shutdown and restores it when starting up again this saves you time from reopening your applications again in the same state but what if you just want Windows-PC-Like Hibernate, is that possible?



BadrIT have released Islamic Calendar app for Mac OS X, the app is a Hijri Calendar with many features, such as:


  1. Shows Hijri Day in System Menu

  2. Shows today moon shape in System Menu

  3. View the week calendar of any month in the past or in the future 

  4. Support both Arabic and English Interface

  5. Choose the theme you like from 3 different themes

  6. Option to start app at start up


The app have been totally built by Badrian hands (idea, design, implementation, UX/UI, testing and even marketing).


You can download the app from the Mac App Store from this link.



Terminal start up Commands Mac OS

January 25th 2011, 6:57 amCategory: Mac OS 1 comments

If you need your terminal to always open on a certain directory or to execute any command every time it starts.

  1. Open your terminal.

  2. cd <directory> to /Users/<your user name>

  3. sudo vi .profile

  4. Write commands to be executed every time you open your terminal.


I wrote: echo 'بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم'


I hope it helps.