So you have developed your next iOS and want to release it to the App Store. Here you are some useful libraries I am sure you will need to integrate at least with one of them to integrate in your app.

Millions of people are waiting for the new iPhone 6 (or 5S) and many speculations have been out there. Some are waiting for a bigger iPhone some are waiting for something else.

Personally I have a strong feeling that Apple will release 2 iPhones, the first will most properly be like the current iPhone 5 but with more colors to choose from (not just white and black) and this will fit seamlessly with the new colorful iOS 7.

Modern Objective-C

April 1st 2013, 9:46 amCategory: iPhone 0 comments

Many features have been introduced lately (after release of Xcode 4.4) to the syntax of Objective-C. These new features simplify development and relieve the developer from the long code, which, sometimes, can result in unreadable code. In this post we try to give you a concise summary of the new features, as we couldn't find any web page that does.

Today In Islamic History

December 19th 2012, 2:26 amCategory: iPhone 2 comments


It's my pleasure to announce that BadrIT has released Today In Islamic History. It is an iPhone application that keeps you updated with most important events in Islamic and Arabic history. Events are categorized by day, month or year. 


For more information, follow the application accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

Running iPhone Apps in the Background

May 26th 2012, 8:56 amCategory: iPhone 0 comments

iPhone OS4 has been introduced with a new important feature which is multitasking.

Multitasking and the ability to run program in the background opened a new development field for iPhone developers, so I just wanted to blog an introduction tutorial to develop an application that runs in background.