Recently, I have been working on a project that materializes the Digital Signage concept. In fact, it was built from scratch based on the customer request. Later on, I have done a quick research to see if there are open-source or free solutions available in the market.

Rails Translation Center Gem

June 16th 2013, 2:00 amCategory: Rails 0 comments

A common task in most of Rails applications is to use internationalization. You have to work with yaml and text files to manage your web application translations. Sometimes, you need your system users to help you translating it to several languages. So, you need a user friendly and easy tool to translate your web application.

I had a tough couple of hours fighting with Rails helpers ; my desire was to include a helper inside another one to have a method of that other helper aliased, so I wrote the following:

module MyHelper
   include TheirHelper
   def their_method_with_my_mehtod
     puts their_method_without_my_method
   alias_method_chain :my_method, :their_method

Rasem, draw SVG images using ruby

April 17th 2011, 5:06 amCategory: Ruby 1 comments

The web is moving to HTML 5 where SVG images are the standard images to use. But how to generate SVG images to include? You might draw static SVG images and include them in your web site but this will not help with generated SVG images with dynamic data. Of course, you can read the complete specification of SVG and generate your own images; these are a few hundreds of pages; good luck with that :)

If you are already using Heroku on your Mac or Linux with some email like and you want change the currently active username on your Mac to other like, you should do the following: